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Our Approach

Our vision is to give you more accurate and latest information from all over the World. Which are mainly focused on Lifestyle, Entertainment and Cricket. However rumored information is something based on the hearing facts only. It is not possible to check each and every information. Rumored information may or may not be correct but still we will try our best to verify information from the sources available on internet.

Our Story

I was working as a professional in a reputed company. But something were missing, I was searching for my passion, Since I am from Commerce background but still I devloped some writing skills and finally I found my passion in writing and explore about something in front of the world. So I am here writing on my own website, My dream comes true. Lets have some fun and Entertain together.

Your Regards,

Chander Prakash

Meet the Team

These are the people whose are giving the world a huge intresting stuff.
They are doing their Job, Duty as well as Business. It's a human thing.


Chander Parkash

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Addicted to write Article belonging to Lifestyle, Entertainment and many more. Left professional job as not found any passion in it. A huge fitness freak and love to travel. On the way to get the Success as a Blogger in future.


Suvashish Nayak

Site Executer & Marketer

Software Engineer by Education, Blogging and Videographer by Passion. A techy guy whose addiction to explain and represent tech terms and Unboxing of gadgets. Founder of iNayak.

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